5 Ways Blog Comments are Costing You Business

5 Ways Blog Comments are Costing You Business

by @LWS Jan 15, 2019

Commenting and engaging on blog posts is consistent with achieving your marketing goals, yet most small business owners do not recognise this as a marketing tool. It’s a great platform for discussion and an extremely engaging way of marketing. By not engaging with your readers in the sections of blog comments you are losing thousands in potential business, by engaging and responding to comments on blog posts you will enjoy:

Increased readership: You discover leads who haven’t found you yet, one link to your website when potential customers aren’t actively searching for your business is likely to be one new and delightfully unexpected client, simply by providing a link to a related blog post on your website that provides them with information they are interested in.

Enhanced brand awareness: Potential customers are doing research on your business and service offerings right now, to make your brand top-of-mind and leverage yourself as an expert you need to be where they are and that is not always on your website. When these customers see you commenting on blogs with great information, they will want to connect with you to see how you can deliver them with the information that you need.

Strengthened Relationships: Customers are likely to be commenting on other peoples blogs, creating the ideal opportunity to start a relationship with them by engaging in a discussion. If your potential customers are writing about you, always remember to say thank you. They will really appreciate it and you will strengthen your relationship.

Improved SEO : Both the blog posts you are posting on and the comments you are posting will include keywords related to your business. Therefore the more you comment, the more likely your leads will find you. It is very bad practice however to just post keywords and links, continue the discussion and post a link that works for them, they will then link to your website, thereby increasing your search engine rankings. Be specific about the blogs you comment on, make sure they deliver great content hence being credible from the viewpoint of search engines.

Leveraging as an expert: People are always looking for information, if you can provide what they are looking for and simplify their search, you’re already well on your way. Now they’ll be looking to you for answers. Comment and engage with prospects and customers on blogs with topics similar to yours, but be careful not to merely advertise your blog or products. Instead, further a discussion and spark their interests in the topic with your expertise, and if you have a relevant article or blog post that covers a similar topic, add a link to your post if you think they’d appreciate it. Chances are, if they’re interested in what you have to offer, they will religiously follow what you have to say and share that information with their colleagues.

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