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A well thought out domain name is crucial to the success of your website. When you’re trying to come up with a good domain name, it’s important to come up with one that best represents your brand or website and can stand the test of time.

When you do your domain name search, you choose the name to the left of the dot. That’s what is called the second level domain. Then you will choose the domain extension (also known as the top level domain or TLD), that comes after the dot, such as

How to get Started

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a domain name for your brand or website.

Your Brand

Your website domain name should match the name of your brand or your business. If the domain is taken, you can try an alternate TLD (Top Level Domain), but be sure not to infringe on another company’s trademark.

Keep it short and sweet

Single word domain names, when you can find them, are ideal. Keep your domain name as short and simple as you can manage, so it’s easy to remember and to type.

Name Availability

Your Make sure your desired domain name does not appear as a username on leading social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Domain Composition

Make sure your domain is easy to spell and pronounce; omissions, hyphens or letter substitutions are easy to forget or muddle up.


Make sure nobody has trademarked or holds a copyright on your desired domain name.

Ask your friends and family

Although the domain name you decide on may sound right to you, it’s a really good idea to ask your friends and family what they think. Here are some questions to ask them:

  • – Say the domain name out loud and ask them to write it down on a piece of paper. Was it easy to spell?
  • – Are there any associations they can identify that you may have missed?
  • – Is it easy to remember?
  • – Does it appropriately represent the product/service/platform you are offering website visitors?

How to search for a domain name

Now that you’ve carefully constructed your new domain name, it’s time to see if your domain names choices are available. Once you’ve decided on a few decent domain names that will work well to market your business, enter them into Local Website Design’s domain name search bar to determine availability. We will then search the Domain Registrar database and let you know if your primary choice of second-level domain and TLD is available.

Top Level Domains available from Local Website Design

Local Website Design delivers fast, affordable domain registration, transfer and management for small business owners looking to secure their spot on the web today! All Domain Registrations are renewable annually and subject to successful registration with the Registrar.

Top Level Domains from Local Website Design
1 year free
1 year free
PRICE/YEAR R79 / year .com R169 / year R79 / year .tv R679 / year
.biz R239 / year .de R159 / year
.org R219 / year .eu R139 / year
.capetown R219 / year R319 / year
.durban R219 / year .info R259 / year
.joburg R219 / year .cc R589 / year
.africa R389 / year .mobi R249 / year
.net R219 / year .co R409 / year


How does a domain name work?

When customers type your domain name into a Web browser, like Google Chrome, the browser uses your site’s domain name to find the domain name’s related IP address, then, the site. People use domain names instead of IP addresses because it is easier to remember a name than a series of numbers. Your domain name and its connected IP address are stored in a common database along with every other domain and related IP address that are accessible via the Internet.

How often do I need to renew my domain name?

Domain Name Registrations are renewed annually. You will receive a renewal reminder email notification within 14 days and again in 7 days.

Do I need a website for each domain I have registered?

No you do not need to have a website for each domain name you register. Instead, you can redirect bulk domains to your primary website domain.

What is a Parked Domain?

You can register an internet domain name without being associated with an e-mail address or a website to reserve the domain name for future development because we know that great ideas take time.

What is a domain name?

Your domain name is much like your street address. It gives visitors an easy way to reach the exact location of a website without having to remember the IP Address. At the very least, your domain name consists of a top-level domain and a second level domain. The Top Level Domain (TLD) is the part of the domain name on the right hand side of the “DOT” (“.”). The most common domain TLD in South Africa is The second-level domain is the part of your domain name that is found before the “DOT” (“.”) – In other words, the domain name you have chosen.

Does Domain Registration include hosting?

Domain Registration does not include Web & Email Hosting. You can learn more about our scale-able website and email hosting packages here →

How do I transfer my domain to Local Website Design?

When you change hosting companies, you need to inform the Domain Registrar so that all traffic is redirected to your new hosting location and the name servers can be updated.

Select an option below to view the relevant step-by-step TLD transfer guides:

Global TLD’s AKA “gTLD’s” Domain Transfer Guides
com  / .net  / .info  / .biz  / .tv  / .org  / .mobi  / .co  / .cc  / .de  / .eu  / .capetown  / .joburg  / .durban

Local Domain Transfer Guides /


Let’s Encrypt is an, automated and open certificate authority (CA), run for the public’s benefit. It is a service provided by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). They provide digital (Domain Validation) certificates in order to enable HTTPS (SSL/TLS) for websites, to create a more secure and privacy-respecting Web.