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Appropriate and relevant content marketing will position your brand as a leader. Let DesignCorp help you produce great, useful, authentic content  which will push and uplift your brand and vital word of mouth recommendations. Move your brand and business toward a new way of thinking, less advertising and sales based campaign spends, to more long term, cost effective  and engaging content marketing focused strategy. Don’t fall behind, act now and start building your content platforms, inventory and engagement streams. The very best way to atomize the visibility of your brand and identity is to propagate it in as many places and formats as possible.

Content and Online marketing is a marathon and not a sprint, it’s a long game and requires many months of planning and strategic development. Content and Online Marketing will most certainly drive and influence intent and consumer decision making, consumers on average are at about 70% of the way through the sales funnel before they engage directly with a brand. Content and Online marketing allows you to influence decision makers well before they have made up their mind. Content and online marketing guarantees  a strong ROI, because it lasts a long time, and remains relevant for potentially many years.

Content and Online Marketing can convert 30% more organic traffic into high quality sales leads. Great content and online marketing will attract high value customers, who will come back for more and will also compel these customers to act. Content and Online Marketing delivers on the strategy of “narrowcasting” where brands focus on smaller, core groups of potential, high quality consumers. As user behaviour and technology changes consumers now search for information about your industry before asking someone else or consulting other types of media. It is imperative that your marketing strategy rises to the challenge and builds exceptional online and content marketing that will engage, inspire, educate and inform users who seek.