The best way to enjoy the success of any form of digital marketing is to understand the way it will be consumed by
the audience who views it. The only way to get this right, is to have a clear and pre-defined understanding of
who that audience is.

This is achieved by gathering audience intelligence.

You will gain an understanding of your audience demographics, as well as which pieces of content resonate with who,
based on how they found your website and what they did when they landed there. These insights are absolutely priceless,
because you are communicating and engaging with people who actually want what you have to offer, exactly where you
want to offer it.

Here are some different ways to gather audience intelligence to create your target customers buying persona.

  • Send a survey to your customers, this will give you data about their demographics and social media habits.
  • Invite 5 customers that fall within your target audience to give you their input into their expectations from your product/service/business
  • Visit news and media publishing websites related to your business niche, their advertising section ties together crucial information about their target audience demographics. Giving you excellent insights into your ideal customer.

By collating these crucial insights you will get an “at-a-glance” view of which social media networks you should be engaging on. For example, if you want to connect with a younger target audience, Instagram or TikTok may be the best channels for your brand. For professionals, Linked In would be your best bet.

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