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Pay-per-click Campaigns let you bid for your position on Google and other Search Engines. Increase conversions, get more leads and drive traffic to your website.

Basic Setup
Basic Setup

R 999

Social Platform Setup

  • Profile Image
  • Header Banner
  • Meta Verification
  • 5 Products or Services
  • Author Bio
  • Branded Username
  • Business Information
  • Basic Competitor Social Audit
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SEO services from Local Website Design to Outrank Your Competitors on Googl e - Local Website Design - A proudly South African Company

Pay per click advertising on Google Ads is a sure-fire way to meet your digital marketing goals. Our Google Ads experts and managers are available to help you setup and strategize digital marketing campaigns that work.

All paid advertising campaigns include success reporting for detailed insights to help you enhance and optimize social media marketing campaigns.

Budget PPC  Campaign – R 2000

Standard PPC  Campaign – R 5000

Premium PPC  Campaign – R 10,000

12% monthly management fee of Ad Spend Value. Allocated Ad Spend for paid advertising on social is based entirely on action and consumption.

Social Media is a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach new, targeted customers.

Well strategized marketing on social media delivers remarkable success for businesses big and small, across the globe. When executed correctly, social media marketing campaigns drive more sales, garner new leads and even create devoted brand advocates. 

Tap into the might of Social Media Marketing, with fast acting, ROI driven campaigns. Create powerful connections on Social Media to Increase Business Revenue by tapping into customer search intent in a way that improves,not disrupts their social experience.

Comprehensive Competitor Social Media Audit

Basic text pages, with no styling, customization or features.

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Content Marketing Strategy by Platform

Simple pages have a bit of text and a few images.

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Standard Website Design and Development

be wherever prospects and customers want you to be, whenever they want you to be there

Social Media Marketing
Here's why it matters

3.8 Billion Social Media Users

There are approximately 3.8 Billion Social Media Users WorldWide.

3.2 Billion Use Smartphones

This is the number of active mobile social media users in 2020.

90% of Social Consumer

Try to reach out to brands and retailers via social media platforms.

53% of South Africans

Have at least 1 Social Media Account or profile. That's 36.2 million people.

135 Minutes

The average amount of time users spend on social media globally

Teens to Twenties

Reach out to Teens on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram!