Please note:
• Separate documents into separate files:
o Please separate your documents into separate files rather than uploading them as a single file.
Allowed extensions:
o Please ensure that you only upload files with the following extensions:
jpeg, jpg, png, gif, tiff, tif, pdf
o Other files will not be accepted and must be converted to one of the above types.
Allowed filenames
o Please ensure that your filenames are plain text and do not contain any special characters otherwise your upload will fail and you will receive an error message.
• Most secure way to submit documents:
o This is the most secure way to submit your documentation (much better than email or fax).
o Your documents are uploaded via a secure connection (SSL) and are never transmitted across the “public Internet”.

To verify your account, you will need to provide us with the documentation indicated below (dependent on your account type).
This can either be submitted securely online through your account or faxed to us.

The documentation must be legible. While faxing normally renders legible documents for text-based documents (e.g.. proof of physical address), copies of identity documents sent by fax are often unclear. For this reason (as well as for improved security), we highly recommend that you scan all documents and submit it via our online system. If you choose to fax us proof of your ID, we require it to be a certified copy. You can also submit all statements and documents by fax and then submit your proof of identity separately, via our online system.
Where do I upload the documents?
Log into your PayFast account, select the Account tab and click on the red Verify button.
Our Support team will review your documentation. Account verification usually takes one business day to complete.

Individual / Premier account

  1. Proof of identity (choose one)
    • A colour scan of your ID document/passport
    • A colour photo of your ID document/passport
    • A gray scale certified copy of your ID document/passport (a pure black and white copy is insufficient)
  2. Proof of physical address (choose one)
    • Rates and Taxes statement from the municipality or city council
    • Utilities statement from Telkom / Neotel / Vodacom etc.
    • Account statement from Edgars etc.
    • Bank account statement
    • Credit card statement
    • Bond statement
    • First page of residential lease agreement
    Note: These documents must show your name and your physical address in order to be accepted. We cannot accept proof of address sent to a PO Box address.
    If there is nothing available in your name, then please supply the appropriate documentation with a letter from the person whose name it is in, attesting to the fact that you reside with them at the address stating their ID number as well.
  3. Proof of bank account ownership (choose one)
    • Bank account statement showing your name and bank account number
    • A letter from your bank confirming your name and bank account number
    • A cancelled cheque showing your name and bank account number
    Note: An internet banking transaction statement is not acceptable. A scanned paper statement or an electronically issued monthly statement are acceptable.

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