Consulting hours are the most expensive part of building your digital presence online. Frankly, there is so much that, with a little bit of research, creativity and time allocation, small business owners can very much control all aspects of their online presence.

Even for the less technically inclined, or those with limited time or resources, planning each aspect of your digital brand is crucial, especially your website. Too often people hope that a website will miraculously generate their brand message. It doesnt.

Our job over here, as creatives, is to take all the hard work, the research, the passion, the constructing and manufacturing you have invested in your big idea, your business and your vision and package in a way, that your target audience loves.

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Here are a few things to have ready to go BEFORE you contact a web developer, designer or digital marketing agency.

  • A clearly defined idea of the website style you have in mind
  • A branded domain name
  • A list of blog article categories
  • An idea of what your main menu items will be
  • A minimum of 4 blog articles to share with your audience
  • A brand guide to create a beautifully branded digital presence across platforms.
  • A list of all active social media platforms with links
  • A list of your primary service categories
  • A list of your primary product categories
  • A Gmail or Google Account to Setup Analytics, Google Maps etc
  • Your public facing contact information
  • A list of website pages
  • Search terms that customers frequently search for
  • A basic idea of your target audience
  • Your pricing, rates and business terms and conditions
  • Any images you want to include on your website

Armed with this information right from start, your digital marketing team is well equipped to begin building a digital presence that works to grow your big idea.

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