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Get a free priority keywords report and competitor analysis to refine your SEO, uncover competitor secrets and convert website visitors into customers.
What is SEO?
SEO services from Local Website Design to Outrank Your Competitors on Googl e - Local Website Design - A proudly South African Company

Outrank Your Competitors on Google, without spending a cent on paid advertising

Organic, non-paid media is a powerful way to get targeted traffic to your website to drive more revenue. By unlocking the SEO factors that are most important to rank on Google , you'll enjoy transformative business growth at scale.


Our SEO Process

Research & Discovery
Research & Discovery

First we pull a keywords report and a comprehensive competitor analysis to uncover what your customers are searching for, and what keywords your competitors are using to drive sales and get new customers.

Integrate & Execute
Integrate & Execute

Using the insights gained from the research & discovery phase, we optimize your content for search, integrate 3rd party tracking tools and finally, we increase your site speed along with all the other stuff Google likes.

Optimize & Measure
Optimize & Measure

We consistently optimize your content to stay fresh and up to date on search engines, and tailor it to suit your ever expanding target audience. Plus we send you a monthly report so you can track & measure success.

Campaign Setup
Campaign Setup

R 1899

Once Off

  • Webmaster Tools Setup

  • On Site Keywords Audit

  • Implement Events Tracking

  • Implement Cost Tracking

  • Google Tag Manager Setup

  • Google My Business Page

  • Top Ranking keywords

  • Competitor Analysis Report

  • Setup URL Architecture
Choose Plan
On Site Optimization
On Site Optimization

R 299

Charged Per Page/Product

  • Title Optimization

  • Header Optimization

  • Content Optimization
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"If it isn't on Google, then it doesn't exist."

Google dominates on search.

With more than 4.5 billion active users online it’s no suprise.


Mobile Users use Google for Search


Desktop Users use Google for Search

the math is perfect. the data is clean.

Use Google Analytics to gain critical insights into customer search patterns. The most powerful way to measure online success. Track website visits, conversions and user behavior in real-time.

I am ranking on page 1 now! Just like Takealot without having to pay for ads! I still want to move up, but I never used to think I'd come close to page one. I would definitely recommend using Angelique Young from Local Website Design as this was the game changer for me!

Here are some of the metric Google Analytics can provide you with

Google Analytics will tell you what your customers are searching for to find your website. These search terms are crucial for a well optimized website.

Google Analytics will also tell you which websites are linking back to your website, so you can audit referring website quality to increase your website ranking score

Google Analytics will also tell you which locations your customers are searching from, so you can further refine your SEO strategy to attract a more targeted audience.

By knowing what device your customers are using, you can optimize your website to display correctly on all devices, and customize it if there are problems with viewing your content on certain displays.

Google Analytics will even tell you how long customers stayed on your website, which page they were on when they left, how many pages were viewed, and how they moved around from one page to the next, giving you unparalled insight into how you can improve your customers online experience to create purchase intent.

SEO services from Local Website Design to Outrank Your Competitors on Googl e - Local Website Design - A proudly South African Company

Outrank your Opposition on Google

Get a free priority keywords report and competitor analysis to
uncover what keywords your customers are searching for, and what your competitors are doing to acquire more market share.

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Build Trust with Customers

Create a culture of trust by serving up relevant, accurate content to inform and empower your customers.

Digital Brand Awareness

Leverage your expertise to promote your brand, customers enjoy gaining new knowledge in topics that interest them

Increase Website Traffic

Generate premium quality leads from finely-targeted website traffic and convert them into customers.

Compete successfully online

Outrank your competitors on Google search with a tailor-made SEO strategy for your brand

about us

SEO is your 24/7 salesman serving answers to an infinite number of customers, across industry related topics.

SEO is the process of optimizing a search word or term on your website, to be featured on search engines, when customers are searching for products and services like yours. By increasing your visibility on the first page of Google for the keywords your customers are searching for, you will enjoy powerful, transformative business growth.


More than 93% of online experiences start with a search engine.

Our approach to SEO is uniquely built around what we know works…and what we know doesn’t work. With over 250 verified factors in play within Google’s search algorithm, we know how seamlessly integrate each ranking factor into your digital presence, so you reach the first page rank status on Google.

By increasing your visibility on the first page of Google for industry related keywords, your business will enjoy transformative growth. If you are not found in the top 10 for at least one industry related keyword, you simply won’t be seen.

SEO services from Local Website Design to Outrank Your Competitors on Googl e - Local Website Design - A proudly South African Company

How to win online with
Search Engine Optimization

SEO drives rank for businesses of any size, across industry sectors. This highly transformative strategy does not need a ton of cash, complicated integrations and a lot of website pages. All you need to be successful with your SEO is a commitment to your business goals, a passion for sharing your expertise, a dash of creative juice and a sound Search Engine Optimization Strategy.

A website that stands out

A beautiful, functional website that offers a great UX and a ton of value to visitors.

On-Page SEO Score

Every page on your website should be fine tuned for SEO to maximize visibility.

Organic Keyword Reach

Leverage your expertise to increase your organic keyword reach and get more customers.

Mobile First Experience

Google crushes mobile search, mobile friendly, responsive design is key.

Content that delivers value

Current keyword enriched content that is accurate, current and informative.

Optimized Site Speed

Speed is everything! Google really loves a site that loads quickly on desktop and mobile!


When websites of authority link back to your website, Google knows you're serving value.

Valid SSL Certificate

Keeping your website safe, secure and maintained does great things for your ranking!


Every SEO Strategy needs to check these crucial tasks off their list, we're no different

  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google Maps API
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Priority Keywords Report
  • Generate XML sitemap
  • Verify on Google My Business
  • Index with Search Engines
  • Priority Keywords Report

Does SEO trump Paid Ads? Press play to find out.

win wth seo

If you're not on the 1st page of Google, you simply won't be seen. Are you ready to outrank your competitors?


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